Our Mission

English by Eye gives people a chance to learn English visually. American Sign Language (ASL) translations of English grow reading comprehension and give access to a world of learning.

Deaf and hearing people share educational experiences on English by Eye videos. New perspectives open minds. English by Eye encourages connections!

ASL and English are distinct, dissimilar languages. ASL and English are expressed and perceived in different ways.

American Sign Language (ASL) is expressed in active ā€œ3-Dā€ form.  Motion is the mode of communication. ASL is perceived visually, with the eyes. As people watch ASL, visual perception provides 100% access.

English is expressed in speech. Sound is the mode of communication. English is perceived through hearing, with the ears. As people listen to English, sound perception provides 100% access.

English sounds may be encoded as text symbols such as an alphabet or syllabary. These text symbols offer proficient readers a visually accessible presentation.

Although written English is visible, it becomes accessible only with reading comprehension. Reading is a part of English literacy that opens a world of educational opportunity.

A person with limited hearing does not have 100% access to a voiced language and thus does not have all the necessary input to associate sound with text symbols.

ASL Access is a nonprofit organization founded in 1997, and English by Eye is an ASL Access project.

The English by Eye YouTube channel offers an opportunity to learn visual connections between conceptually-rich signing and written English, providing access to English literacy.